Typography Reverse engineer

Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave this wonderful line on our Heavenly Father will help us unlock our divine potential. This image belongs to LDS.org and can be found here. This is a very basic image and at first glance you may not notice the design aspects on display. Two basic colors, a banner, and some bullet points.  Let’s focus one typography and try to unlock its use in the design.

Sans Serif

Typography Reverse engineer 1

This typeface category outlined in the draw over is a sans serif.  This means that there are no serifs on the ends of the strokes.  Also, this typeface is almost always “monoweight”, or lacks a visible thick/thin transition in the strokes.  The letter thickness is constant.  The designer here was able to create some contrast on each line by increasing the font size, by creating a stencil, or adding some accent bullet points on either side.


Typography Reverse engineer 3

The typeface category in this draw over is called script. This category encompasses all those typefaces that appear to be hand written. This particular typeface connects each letter, which makes it look even more like it was a handwritten.  Contrast is accomplished a few different ways besides the different typeface. Notice every word is in all caps except the ones on this line. Look closer the stencil below this line is a slab serif and so it doesn’t compete with the other stencil.


The overall design is successful because although there are only 2 colors, the correct execution of typeface has made the image interesting. It doesn’t bore you. The designer found a way to reinforce the message through the typefaces as well.  Each line has it’s own unique qualities that don’t demand attention.  This is a great example of how to unlock the design potential of typefaces in my own work.



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