Professional Photography Reverse Engineer vs. My own photos

This post will identify 3 basic photography elements: (Rule of thirds, depth of field, and leading lines.)  Each element will be on display by a professional photo that I have found.  I’ll explain the element with text description, draw over images, and my very own use of those elements with a camera.

Rule of Thirds
Louisbourg Lighthouse & Fortress by Dennis Jarvis

I found this photo on Click Here to view.  This photo utilizes depth of field as well, but I think the use of the rule of thirds is pretty amazing.  The lighthouse is the focus of the image which lies on the left third of the page, and the horizon lies on the bottom third of the page.  I love the colors, and story this photo tells.


Depth of Field
By Shianne Mariah

I am not sure where this photo was taken, but the image can be found here.  The photographer does a great job with the element, depth of field. By focusing the camera on the flower and allowing the background to remain out of focus, you can tell there is a body of water, a dock on the water, green rolling hills on the horizon and a fluffy white clouds.  You can see the rule of thirds at play as well.


Leading Lines
cobble street by Nebojsa Markovic

I am not sure the location of this photo. I found it here.  Leading lines are found in the crevices of the street stones, the curbing, and the line of lights from the light posts.  This element incorporates the field of depth element as well.  I like the use of natural light from dusk and the artificial light of the street lamps and buildings.  It is a great way to bring to life the character that this part of a town truly deserves. Choosing camera angles like this one help implement the leading lines element.


My attempt to use these elements….

Rule of Thirds

This is my work desk and a drill bit for an oil rig from west Texas that my Dad had plated in nickel.  I placed the drill bit on the lower left third of the photo and lined up the seam of the desk to the right vertical third.  The drill bit weighs about 5 pounds and is slightly bigger than a coke can.

Depth of Field

I usually make a daily stop for a refreshment from QT.  The desert landscaping made a good background and helps explain why I am always needing a nice cold drink.  I wasn’t able to take the photo in the golden hours, but otherwise I think the contrast still works.

Leading Lines

I was really surprised how well this photo turned out.  Here I am in Arlington, Texas getting ready for a nieces wedding.  This was an old stable converted to a reception hall.  The cat added an element of depth, but I think the leading lines from the lights, and stable doors and rafters displays this element really well.


Photography is not my strong point, but it is fun to know that I can get better at it.  For some reason it is harder to find these elements when you are looking for a way to capture them naturally.  It will be nice to be able to exercise this knowledge when taking all photos from now on.  I like them each very much and hope to produce some more professional photos in the future.





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