Magazine Spread


This post was an assignment to find an article from and create a three-page original layout.  I’ve designed all three pages while implementing basic design skills such as color, contrast, alignment, repetition, typography, and photography.  This three-page design includes a spread which is what would be needed for a magazine publication.

 Design Ideas

The design evolved quit a bit from the original. This version takes into account a color strategy. I decided black and a purple hue. The purple helps create uniformity and provides an extra element to create relation to each page. I chose purple because that color is presented on two of the photos (sleeves, hair bow, and flower). By exercising the principle of repetition,  I implemented that color in each page through font color, and bars. I wanted to add a background other than white because the circle image and christus image have white on the edges which was blending into the background. The Gregg Olson image, the flowers by the grave, and the trees on the the last image had a yellow hue, so I tried to match a subtle yellow as which helped create distinction in those two photos, and also brought the whole design together without while making it easier to read. Contrast was important with the title. I wanted to demand attention while at the same time tell a story. The image with opacity does that with the “O” focused on the hands and using a Script, serif, and sanserif, with large degrees of size change creates a unique look and tells your eyes where to go.


This design, although still novice, hopefully portrays ways to use basic design elements correctly. The article itself was close to home as I experienced the loss of a 4 month old son. I hope I presented the article well in my personal applications to make it more relate able.

Gregg Olson – Take My Hand

Click here for online image.

My wife, Jasmine, and my first son Cannon the night before his open heart surgery. By Rodney Crumpton
My daughter Faye, visiting Cannon’s memorial at Mountain View Cemetery in Mesa, AZ. By Rodney Crumpton
My wife Jasmine and Faye in a Gilbert, AZ Park. By Rodney Crumpton
My wife Jasmine, and Cannon’s younger sister Faye. By Rodney Crumpton

Original Talk can be found here.  Poem on block quote is also found within the link in the article.


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