Movie Theater Icons

Tickets Please

This past two weeks, I’ve been assigned to use Adobe Illustrator and create a set of icons that have a common theme or message.   The movie theater can be a favorite of any person.  The smell of the popcorn, the amazing surround sound and picture quality can only be found at your local Cinema.  An important source for marketing to people the nostalgia and fun experiences in the movie theater is through digital icons.

Please silence your cell phones

For design I chose items that would be easy to recognize.  These may appear as an emoji or billboard and only allow a few seconds to view or be small and thus blurry to a lot of individuals.










In this icon, I needed a contrasting color in the circle behind the large popcorn, so I added a cool blue.  The yellow popcorn in the tub was all yellow, so to add depth and gaps to I added a shape of orange randomly throughout.  I also added that same orange on the large piece in the middle, along with a white brush stroke to show some glare and depth.  It would go well with any background color besides yellow or white to show contrast of the white box and yellow buttered popcorn.


















The Theater and the tickets have a consistent red color.  The drapes and main ticket color are a very common color in the real world.  Although these tickets are the kinds you get from video games now-a-days, I decided to add a classic movie camera to the body since Text was not allowed in this assignment.  I also added a gray screen over the black to give a more definitive look, the seats can be harder to see in the smaller icon, so the screen really helps there.









Staying with the gray screen, I created the main color of a film roll, I’ve never seen these in another color, so it works well.  I added dimension and more detail here since I couldn’t do much more with the color.  I was very difficult to work with different sizes through out the design, as I increased or decreased the size I couldn’t get the stroke to relatively change in size.  That flaw shows up the most here.


Typography and photography were not used in this design project.  This was all original work done with a first time user of Adobe Illustrator.  I enjoyed the challenge and the subtle changes that really helped complete the design of each of these icons.  If only I could have made a movie instead of a blog!



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