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I chose to create an ad for an everyday household good.  Toilet Paper has been a luxury for us all, we don’t realize it until we’ve been caught in the woods without it or the last person to use the final amount on the current roll didn’t replace it.  So, the question is, how do I target an audience when it is used daily by all of us.

Target Audience

The assignment I chose came with the following insights to help with drafting an effective ad.  Male and Female, ages of 25 to 32, married, at least a Masters degree, salary of a minimum $90k per year, and their main media consumption is magazines and TV.  If both are educated and married at a young age like this, then there is a good chance they met in college.  The goal is to find a unique way to help people on a great income spend their money on luxurious items.  Simple white is boring and everyone gets that.  So let’s have some fun fans and support our rivals in a way that only we can while there is no game on the TV.


There of course are many things that we could customize on to a roll of toilet paper.  Things like the word “ISIS” or “Inspirational Quotes” or “FUN FACTS” or “Hillary Clinton.”  This isolates and  make us look objective.  But how about putting a college logo.  This can easily be for your alumni, but beware, are you ok with using it’s logo to in such manner?  AHA! Your Rival!  The one place you would be ok with having that logo that you hold such disrespect for.  For you BYU fans, this is for you.







Design for TV

Once I had the T.P. concept concluded, I decided to work with an image of what could very well be what a bathroom of a young, educated, wealthy, married couple would have.  Using Photoshop, for all the effects, I added logos to the toilet paper, the towel, and robes.  These are obvious fans/ alumni of BYU and their biggest rival and most hated is University of Utah.  The image of the bathroom needed to be large enough to see the logos that were added, and I needed a way to keep it simple and allow for contrast.  I maintained the BYU blue color for a background, placed the TP one right 1/3 of the page and used the same red for the “Need some diversity” and Utes logo.  I added a dropshadow to the TP to allow for some contrast in front of more white.  For Typography, I used a script and a sanserif.  I wanted a similar font as the “U” in red, and needed wanted to words “wipe out” to stand out as well, so I used the script for that.  Only two fonts were used.

Magazine design

By zooming in on the main parts of the bathroom image, I was able to keep it large enough to recognize the logos.  I flipped the background put at the bottom 1/3 and kept alignment to the right and everything fit into place really well.  I chose these phrase “wipe out…” because of the double meaning.  This ad really didn’t need any more text, but I needed at least two sentences and a call to action.  I was able to find a place for the rest without causing too much harm.


Depending where you lived there would be an appropriate ad for that location, due to not everyone being a BYU fan.  This could actually be a great item for a married couple who didn’t go to the same school and wanted to disgrace the others alumni in a harmless way.  Perhaps the youth would choose this item to roll the trees of a friend one night.  Toilet paper, although used for certainly one basic thing, can now be used to show school spirit.


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