ad campaign design

Ancestry DNA recently began a new campaign outreach for Ancestry DNA. We hope to encourage current members at and all others to gain more knowledge of their ancestors and their stories by providing a DNA sample to obtain results of where their DNA originates. Below is a proposal for an additional ad in conjunction with the campaign goals

Design Analysis

This slide gives explanation of the design principles that are in play.  The new AD will implement similar principles and be an additional ad for this campaign.

Let’s take a closer look.


Photography and Typography are the most obvious corresponding design elements.  This ad provides more color, but maintains the collage as a background. The lonely trees may see, just that, but as stated “Every Tree has a Story”.  Just like every person and if they don’t have a story, the newest way to find that story is through AncestryDNA.

Photography attributions:×3152.jpeg
By Ian Meeks
By Adriano Guerreiro
By Bill Lowis
By Calvin Jennings
By Dave
By Gustavo Tavio
By Jim
By Marc Van Veen
By push OHSU
By Rudi Werelts
By Nikolay Dimitrov
By Sophie Cortez
By tsomchat

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